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Food and drinks on board.

We have a small range of soft drinks, wine and bubbles available on board at very reasonable prices.
In the afternoons or evenings, we offer a tasty, fresh pasta salad.
However, you may also bring your own picnic, snacks and/or drinks.The deck and cockpit are made of teak wood. Be careful not to get it too dirty!
Teak wood doesn't like chips and oily snacks on board.

Appelsiensap 25cl
€ 3,00
Champagne fles
€ 50,00
Coca-Cola Original 33cl
€ 2,00
Coca-Cola Zero 33cl
€ 2,00
Duvel /33cl
€ 3,50
Pils /33cl
€ 2,50
Prosecco fles 75cl
€ 25,00
Water /33cl
Wijn fles 75cl
€ 15,00
Wijn glas
€ 4,00
Frisse pastasalade garnalen
€ 15,00

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